About Us

E-rate Services, LLC, is devoted to procuring the maximum amount of E-rate funding available to our clients with the minimum amount of time and effort required for the client. We assume the burden of knowledge of this complicated program to allow clients the peace of mind that work is being done in a timely and ethical manner.

E-rate Services, LLC, is located in Sanford, NC. Cindy Johnson, the founder, has successfully worked with the E-rate program since its inception. Our staff brings a unique blend of curriculum and technical expertise to the E-rate program.

Services include:

    • Communicating with your staff regarding E-rate funding opportunities

    • Develop presentation material explaining your E-rate process that is tailored to your audience

    • Prepare annual timeline for incremental steps through the E-rate cycle

    • Review your technology plan and policies for E-rate compliance

    • Provide guidance on the bid process

    • File all required forms

    • Organize bids for your selection

    • Convert all documents to electronic format and organize for client archiving

    • Provide duplicate archiving for ten years

    • Facilitate communication with SLD

    • Respond to PIA and audit questions

Contact Us

Please email erate@erateservices.com your interests and to receive pricing.